A Giant Pile of Junk

Not feeling welcome in Tumblvengers was not so great. All of the drama and everything was way too stressful for me. And leaving it wasn’t fun. But it turns out it was a blessing in disguise. Because look what happened.

Indie RP is the way to go, man. And it has things built into it that would prevent all the drama that was happening before.

Let me introduce you to the multi-verse/multi-ship concept.

Your character can be in 12 relationships, and they exist in several mini-verses. So it’s not cheating. If one thread drops, you’re not hung up when it comes to other threads. You can kill your character as often as you want. Utterly destroy them with one person, and have them happy with another. No jealousy unless you plan there to be.

Example: Frosty could be with both Azura AND Ollie. One thread where he stays at the tower like Thor wanted, another he’s run off to England with Ollie.

And everyone is SO NICE!

Best part: If you run into someone who you don’t want to play with, it doesn’t cause problems to avoid them. Cause your plots aren’t tied up with them unless you want them to be!

Even better: You don’t have to worry about anyone dog-piling on your threads.

I hate to say it, but I don’t think I’ll ever go back to hammerandrage.

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  3. nooby-banana said: suddenly my interest is piqued. Several mini-verses sounds like a lot to handle, but it’d be easier than keeping up with several threads of the same universe and different characters.